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Alexey Zorin

Mediation, Arbitration, and Litigation Advisor

Alexey Zorin is a senior partner at Armadum Lawyers where his practice focuses primarily on assisting both foreign and domestic companies in developing and implementing strategies litigation. Mr. Zorin has authored numerous international articles and legal publications on litigation and dispute resolution.


About Us

​​Ukraine Investors is a collective of over 20 multinational professionals with expertise in a variety of economic sectors. Our shared vision is to help facilitate the integration of Ukraine's economy into the global marketplace. As we work towards this goal, we have developed valued international partners who share our vision. Our affiliates are members of numerous international business groups including the EBA (European Business Association) and the ACC (American Chamber of Commerce).​​

Oksana Merezhko

Regulatory Advisor

Oksana Merezhko is the founding partner of Armadum Lawyers, a Kyiv-based law firm specializing in corporate law. Oksana oversees operations of the restructuring and tax planning department, where her team specializes in debt modification in order to reduce financial harm to the company and increase tax efficiency.

Andrew Livingston

Ukraine Business Consultant

Andrew Livingston is a business development consultant located in Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, and the founder of Ukraine Investors. Andrew has over a decade of experience in business consulting with a special emphasis on the implementation of growth strategies within and between organizations. Mr. Livingston has lived and worked previously in Europe and North America.