• Ukraine inherited one-third of the Soviet defense industry [1]
  • Mriya-225 the largest cargo airplane ever built [2]
  • 5,000 aerospace graduates per year [3]
  • 130,000 engineering graduates per year [4]
  • 120,000 employed in the defense sector [5]
  • 19 countries received Ukrainian aerospace exports in 2014 [6]
  • $1.3 billion dollars in aerospace and defense exports [7]
  • 1 of 9 countries with full cycle engineering and production [8]
  • Top 10 aerospace exporters globally [9]

Ukraine has a rich history as an aerospace innovator. Igor Sikorsky, the first designer of the helicopter was born and educated in Kyiv. Many of the Soviet Union's rockets, satellites, and space research equipment were designed and manufactured from Ukrainian educational and production facilities.

Today, Ukraine has over 100 research and development institutes, design bureaus, and other aerospace related production facilities. Every year, over 5,000 university graduates enter the aerospace industry. It is estimated that 120,000 Ukrainians work directly in aerospace or aerospace related industries.

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