The Ukrainian postsecondary education system is larger than most of its Western European counterparts. At first glance, this statistic might be difficult to believe given the economic differences between Ukraine and the West. However, the explanation is quite simple.

The former Soviet Union concentrated a high percentage of technical institutions in Ukraine, and today Ukraine benefits from this bygone era. Due to the many technical universities, Ukraine has one of the highest percentages of engineers per capita in the world among its population. The recent restructuring of many of these institutions into more IT-based curriculum will continue to propel Ukraine past many of its peers in the fields of technology and science.


data points

Data Points Sources

  • #2 globally for Master Level Certified Nations - Bench Games [1]​
  • #3 globally in national literacy rate (99.8%) [2]
  • ​#3 globally for Certified Citizen Specialists - Bench Games [3]
  • #4 globally for the number of engineers [4]
  • #5 globally in postsecondary education [5]​
  • #14 globally in science and technology [6]
  • 402 colleges and universities [7]
  • 130,000 engineering graduates per year [8]
  • 640,0000 university graduates per year [9]
  • English proficiency level in Ukraine is considered moderate [10]