Data Points Sources

  • Turboatom is #4 globally among turbine-building companies [1]
  • Ukraine wind power generation doubled in 2014 [2]
  • #3 in Europe and #25 globally by natural gas proven reserves [3]
  • 1 trillion plus in natural gas proved reserves [4]
  • $3.4 billion expected to be invested in solar by 2020 [5]
  • Geothermal partnership with Iceland in West Ukraine [6]
  • Estimated hydropower potential is close to $20 billion [7]
  • Biomass listed as part of Ukraine's energy diversification plan [8]
  • 11% renewables by 2020, stated goal by adminisitration [9]
  • ​39,000 km of pipeline in Ukraine [10]
  • ​Capable of transporting 151 bcm per year of gas to EU [11]

data points

Energy diversification is one of the greatest needs Ukraine faces. Despite its own production of natural gas, Ukraine still must import around 80% of its natural gas needs. The stated goal of the presidential administration to rapidly diversify the energy market provides a great opportunity for energy investment, especially in the renewables sector. 

Ukraine has a tremendous opportunity for wind power generation along the Carpathian Mountains corridor. Solar power potential is greatest in Odessa, Mykolaiv and Kherson Oblasts. Geothermal areas of interest are being explored in the West of the country with the assistance of Iceland. The fourth largest river in Europe runs primarily through Ukraine and hydropower potential is estimated to be $20 billion dollars.

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