Pharma & Biotech Sectors

Data Points Sources

  • 75% pharma growth over 5 years [1]
  • $3 billion dollar pharma market [2]
  • $1.6 billion dollar pharma export market [3]
  • 100+ pharma companies inside Ukraine [4]
  • Ukraine to de-regulate national pharmaceutical market 2016 [5]
  • Ukraine signs cooperation agreement with IPMA [6]

Data Points

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are becoming a more integral part of Ukraine's economy. Over the last five years, these sectors have experienced 15% growth per annum. A relatively new industry in Ukraine, although quickly growing, the total number of companies represented in this field is numbered in the hundreds.

A few accomplishments of Ukrainian scientists include microbe super-synthesis of essential proteins and peptides, the creation of new transgenic plants, development of biosensor systems for medical use, and other biotechnology related applications. The largest contributing research entity in Ukraine in these fields is the National Academy of Sciences (NAS).