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Tech Sector

  • #1 country in Europe for number of IT professionals [1]
  • #3 globally for IT outsourcing [2]
  • #4 country globally in the number of IT professionals [3] 
  • 36,000 IT graduates each year [4]
  • 90,000 IT professionals currently and 200,000 expected by 2020 [5]
  • 20x growth in IT outsourcing over past decade [6]
  • 100+ international companies have R&D facilities in Ukraine [7]
  • Top 3 country globally for certified IT professionals [8]
  • 2,000+ startups in Ukraine [9]
  • Paypal and WhatsApp founders were born and raised in Kyiv [10]
  • $2.5 billion in software outsourcing export annually [11] 
  • 5x growth in ecommerce over the last 5 years [12]

Ukraine is home to 1000+ IT service companies. The total outsourcing software export in 2015 amounted to $2.6 billion dollars. Each year over 36,000 IT graduates enter the digital workforce and this number continues to grow substantially. The IT industry is the fastest growing in Ukraine and has experienced 20x growth over the last decade.

Kyiv remains the post popular destination for investment with roughly half of all R&D software facilities located in the capitol city. Other cities with significant IT clusters are Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, and Vinnytsia. The IT sector is seen as Ukraine's most promising area for future growth due primarily to the many technology driven universities in the country.