Ukraine Overview

Demographics & Stats of Ukraine

Ukraine is the largest country located entirely within Europe by land mass. The capitol city, Kyiv, is the 7th largest city in Europe. Ukraine traditionally has been the leading nation for agriculture production in Europe, and the epicenter for engineering in the former Soviet Union. Today, Ukraine continues to build on historical strengths and is ranked the #2 exporter of grain globally, while maintaining the #3 literacy rate in the world.

Ukraine is an ever growing destination for international investment and is just at the beginning stages of integrating its economy into the global marketplace. A highly educated urban population continues to drive this trend of further global integration. The opportunity for investors to capitalize on an educated workforce in a country with unlimited resources is truly a unique opportunity in the world today.


Land Size:  603,700 km (largest country entirely within Europe)

Population:  45 million (30th largest country in the world)

Urban Population:  69.482%

Capitol:  Kyiv, population of 3 million (7th largest city in Europe)

Timezone:  UTC +2 (+1 hour difference with Germany, France, Italy, Spain)

Life Expectancy at Birth:  71.187 years
Infant Mortality Rate:  7.7 per 1,000 live births
Human Development Index:  .747 (High) 


Currency:  Hryvnia (UAH is ₴26.34 to $1 USD)

Average Salary:  ₴4951 UAH ($188 USD monthly in mid 2016)

Unemployment Rate:  8.8% ( mid 2016)

FDI Net Inflows:  $900 million (BoP, current US$ 2016)